Dirt Napper Carpet Cleaning Brush
Dirt Napper Carpet Cleaning Brush 40-DNALLER

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Dirt Napper Carpet Cleaning Brush - Includes Clutch Plate
Carpet cleaning system consisting of a polyester brush and a bonnet for fast, effective cleaning. Recommended for fast volume carpet cleaning with machine mounted solution spray bottlers or solution tanks.

Outside rows of 1-1/4" trim bristles scrub carpet. Inside rows of 5/16" trim bristles hold absorbent looped bonnet in place. Polyester synthetic bristles will not absorb water. Plastic block will not soften, warp or crack. All Dirt Napper brushes come with one bonnet. Clutch Plate included
Brush Size Note: It is recommended that a brush size 2 inches smaller than the machine size is used because of the flare of the brush fibers.

Dirt Napper Microfiber Bonnet

Dirt Napper Microfiber Bonnet